Update 1A has been published to the XBLIG (Xbox Live Indie Game) platform . No new major features I'm afraid, these will be coming in Update 2; sometime in the never, never :). Corrections and enhancements in Update 1A are as follows:

Version 2013.2.1
FIX: Correction to layout to properly centre cross-hairs and Hyperspace effect
FIX: Game crash (code3 or hang) when accessing in-game help via messages flight-deck option
FIX: Arcade game - not all upgrades are available due to insufficent tech level of system
FIX: Help button short-cut not working on flight-deck options
UPD: Correction to NormalMapping.fx to improve lighting conditions
UPD: Graph: Kill History - ommitted from Status screen in error
UPD: Preferred (gamepad/keyboard) option now in included in xbox, game settings
UPD: Minor modification to scoring mechanism so drifting ships count towards total ship kills
FIX: DefendZone size factor applied where HS jumps <= 4

Firstly, thanks to everyone who has made a comment about Odyssey 3011 - whether on this website, facebook or whatever. Everyone has been really positive and appreciative (and sometimes forgiving) and I am sincerely thankful - to extent that I've started on new features for update 2

The list of possible features is significant and many people have suggested one thing or another - all of the suggestions have inspired me to some extent, so if you have a suggestion...please let me know.

No promises yet over the delivery date....

Have fun!
The first update to Odyssey 3011 has now been published live. Corrections and enhancements as per previous posting. The  next time you run Odyssey 3011 on your Xbox you will asked if you wish to download the latest version. 

As ever questions/comments/suggestion ?.... pls shout!

I have recently been asked about the in-game music. Well it's all released under a creative commons license. Find the links below:
The first update to Odyssey 3011 has now been submitted for review. Box art has been updated plus the following corrections and enhancements. Should be about 2-3 weeks 'till the update will be in the wild

Version 2013.1.1
FIX: Correction to layout to better support non 1080p screen resoliutions
UPD: Altered illustrations for some help files (Energy cells specifically)
FIX: Last equipment item (RR Temporal Jump Engine) not being shown in equipment items list in Status
UPD: DefendZone size factor applied where HS jumps <= 4
FIX: Previous ArcadeHiScores not being loaded correctly
FIX: Description of mercenary strategey for neutralpassive and neutralflee was incorrect (transposed)
FIX: Player.WormholeExecute updated galaxy index before player stats recorded
FIX: Galaxy SortIndex not forecably updated where galaxy index changed - resulted in incorect list of stars in chart
ENH: GameComplete sequence included where Galax idx >=4
UPD: Planet rotation should now be in the same plane as the sun. Speeded Up slightly also
UPD: Modified final three DESC_PILOT_RATINGs
FIX: Null exception occurred when game over sequence is running (ship is destroyed) during HyperspaceElapsed event
UPD: Minor alteration to propensisty for asteriods to drop boulders
UPD: Artifacts screen now available in flight when the player has artifacts

A couple of people have asked when the next version will be released 

I need to release a bug fix to correct some layout issues with some screen resolutions. This hopefully will be available in the next 2 weeks or so.

I have only vague plans for subsequent releases but hopefully there will probably be a feature release within the next 6 mths. The exact features to make it into this release are undecided (and the feature list is closely guarded). Nonetheless feel free to make suggestions! 





Wish I'd worried a little more about the supporting website. Decided wordpress doesn't do it for me. Now using Weebly will keep the wordpress site up and running for now though.
Finally went live 22nd Dec on XBOX Indie game platform
Ha ha, found this old video of the game. I'll keep here for posterity


Really should get round to doing an updated version