Update 1A has been published to the XBLIG (Xbox Live Indie Game) platform . No new major features I'm afraid, these will be coming in Update 2; sometime in the never, never :). Corrections and enhancements in Update 1A are as follows:

Version 2013.2.1
FIX: Correction to layout to properly centre cross-hairs and Hyperspace effect
FIX: Game crash (code3 or hang) when accessing in-game help via messages flight-deck option
FIX: Arcade game - not all upgrades are available due to insufficent tech level of system
FIX: Help button short-cut not working on flight-deck options
UPD: Correction to NormalMapping.fx to improve lighting conditions
UPD: Graph: Kill History - ommitted from Status screen in error
UPD: Preferred (gamepad/keyboard) option now in included in xbox, game settings
UPD: Minor modification to scoring mechanism so drifting ships count towards total ship kills
FIX: DefendZone size factor applied where HS jumps <= 4