A couple of people have asked when the next version will be released 

I need to release a bug fix to correct some layout issues with some screen resolutions. This hopefully will be available in the next 2 weeks or so.

I have only vague plans for subsequent releases but hopefully there will probably be a feature release within the next 6 mths. The exact features to make it into this release are undecided (and the feature list is closely guarded). Nonetheless feel free to make suggestions! 



dave c
01/02/2013 5:29pm

two bugs - the merc strategy settings are wrong. one bar should be "flee if attacked" but reads as "return fire with caution". two bars reads "flee if attacked" but should be "return fire with caution". Basically for the two most cautious settings, what is stated in the help, and what reads out when you play, are reversed.

in addition, i'm pretty sure the t-jump cloak thingamabob doesn't do anything. i bought it (and credits were deducted) but when i go to status to see my ship's equipment, it is not listed, and i have noticed no difference whatsoever when doing the t-jumps. really dissapointed by this, because i was hoping to get better t-jumps (my least favorite part of the game is how much time I have to spent just flying at regular speed (boring) because some trader or other non-threatening space item is within 2 clicks so I can't use t-jump)

otherwise great game. i can't get your weebly forum to work so i'm not sure where else to report these bugs

Odyssey 3011
01/03/2013 2:57am

dave c

"the merc strategy settings are wrong" - hey thanks for that. Great spot. I'll get that fixed in the next version.
".., i'm pretty sure the t-jump cloak thingamabob doesn't do anything" - i'll have a look into it.
"...i can't get your weebly forum to work..." here will do but I think I'll put a contact us/error report form. Thanks for pointing this out

I'm pleased you're liking the game. Keep in touch

dave c
01/03/2013 4:36pm

well i particularly like the game - i've for years had notions of developing a sort of clone game of elite and sid meier's Pirates! and am impressed you actually went ahead and nailed something like that

if you ever decide to blog a bit more detail about the dev process there's at least one random internet guy who'd love to read it :) likewise if you ever post the code on sourceforge or anything

one piece of feedback - i wish you hadn't required docking at a spaceport to see the alient artifact screen. pretty much renders sucking fuel from a star useless (star fuel is good to avoid spending the time to dock at spaceport, but if you need to look at the alien artifact...)

is it possible to find earth? i figured out the secret to the alien artifact and, err... "jumped" with it four times (trying not to give away too much detail). I assumed i would eventually find earth that way but no luck. it's a very time consuming process and i am worried there is no earth and i've just been chasing my tail

another thing i noticed, after such a "jump" if i go to status and look at the screen where it says what stars you've been to, it always seems to indicate i've visited some star in the middle of nowhere (i.e. the current star and some other random star are both noted as visited, even though i would expect no other stars visited)

and one more possible bug, when i go to "list" from the star chart, i expect to see an alphabetical list of all stars, but instead i just get the same named star listed about 100 times. i found this when i decided to see if there was a system named "earth" after a few jumps


Silicon Angel
01/26/2013 12:22pm


I have collected all 16 pieces of the Alien Artifacts and assembled them. But can't figure out what to do next.

Tried lots of things, looks like it has something to do with the position of a star and planet, but alas can't work it out yet.

Any hints please?

01/20/2013 3:13am

Loving the game!!! Absolutely brilliant. Well done.
One question... If I gain a criminal rating in a system is there a way to pay it off or reduce it? If not, will future updates include this feature? No need for royalties if you haven't considered this! Haha!

01/20/2013 3:49am

Hey, I'm really pleased you're liking the game

If you gain a criminal rating a period of good behaviour will see your rating decline. Or use an escape pod and your rating will be reset to zero.

The idea of paying a fine is good one - but someone has already suggested this via YouTube so no royalties mate

Not sure when next update will be, or what will be in it - just to set expectations.

Have fun!

04/17/2013 12:54am

escape pod

Silicon Angel
01/24/2013 9:18am

Lots of potential. Great to see a game like this again.

Be nice if there was an option to change sensertivity for the controls.

Also a safe area of space around ALL space stations is missed.

If you patch will I get an update alert or have to download again?

Odyssey 3011
01/26/2013 1:32pm

“Safe area around all space stations are just that” – there is a safe area around docking stations. Once you’re in it no new ships will enter the scene to attack you but existing ships will continue to attack (unless you start firing at the docking station or police). Furthermore there is a poorly (deliberately) documented DefendZone – and area 2-4 times wider than the safe zone. if you are under attack in the defend zone and you have a zero criminal rating the police will come and help – they might take their time though.

Odyssey 3011
01/26/2013 1:31pm

"Be nice if there was an option to change sensitivity for the controls." - one for the to do list

"if you patch will I get an update alert or have to download again?" follow Odyssey3011 on Twitter or join the Facebook page

Silicon Angel
01/29/2013 9:19am

Been playing this a long time now and I'm at the stage where I think I have all the best equipment. From Tech 37+

Has anyone found better equipment further into the game?

Or any 'secret' missions for better pieces of equipment?

Odyssey 3011
01/29/2013 9:28am

Have you got through to galaxy 4 (or maybe 5). If you have then that is about it for this version. But watch out... an update is in progress... though I don't recommend holding your breath for it.

06/14/2013 8:06pm

I love this game! I was wondering though if there was a way to buy new ships, like those featured in the Jane's book, or if it's possible to request it for a future update?

06/15/2013 3:37am

Vyse - Hey! I'm pleased you're enjoying the game....Version 2 has got stalled (work commitments I'm afraid) no promises b ut it's on the "to do" list

09/06/2013 10:04am

Just want to say I love the game. It gets more play than any other download game I have on x360. I was just checking on here to see if theres a way to get the police to leave me alone for once. I'll try the escape pod trick.


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