The first update to Odyssey 3011 has now been published live. Corrections and enhancements as per previous posting. The  next time you run Odyssey 3011 on your Xbox you will asked if you wish to download the latest version. 

As ever questions/comments/suggestion ?.... pls shout!

01/25/2013 5:17am

View is perfect now, just one issue. The crosshair is no longer centered, it is now in the center of the top left quadrant of the screen. Also when docking and launching or using hyperspace what usually displays on the entire screen (like the red effect for hyper jump) now also appears in a boxed area in the top left

Odyssey 3011
01/26/2013 1:14pm

grrrr..... one for the to do list. Sorry.

03/03/2013 8:54am

I've got a slight issue with the RR temporal jump cloak. It seems to seriously drain power when used. Even with nothing on radar, clock icon goes red, and power drops, stopping shield recharge.

Is this deliberate or a bug - if deliberate, can I sell or remove this as it is a pain?

Other than that, great game. Got to Elite on a couple of previous versions, so working on this one now!


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