The first update to Odyssey 3011 has now been submitted for review. Box art has been updated plus the following corrections and enhancements. Should be about 2-3 weeks 'till the update will be in the wild

Version 2013.1.1
FIX: Correction to layout to better support non 1080p screen resoliutions
UPD: Altered illustrations for some help files (Energy cells specifically)
FIX: Last equipment item (RR Temporal Jump Engine) not being shown in equipment items list in Status
UPD: DefendZone size factor applied where HS jumps <= 4
FIX: Previous ArcadeHiScores not being loaded correctly
FIX: Description of mercenary strategey for neutralpassive and neutralflee was incorrect (transposed)
FIX: Player.WormholeExecute updated galaxy index before player stats recorded
FIX: Galaxy SortIndex not forecably updated where galaxy index changed - resulted in incorect list of stars in chart
ENH: GameComplete sequence included where Galax idx >=4
UPD: Planet rotation should now be in the same plane as the sun. Speeded Up slightly also
UPD: Modified final three DESC_PILOT_RATINGs
FIX: Null exception occurred when game over sequence is running (ship is destroyed) during HyperspaceElapsed event
UPD: Minor alteration to propensisty for asteriods to drop boulders
UPD: Artifacts screen now available in flight when the player has artifacts



01/25/2013 4:25am

Any update on this yet? I only ask because I want to play so bad but I can't read a lot of the important text due to the aspect ratio :/

Odyssey 3011
01/25/2013 4:36am

Hi - yes this should be live now. Me bad for not posting up info. will do now

Latto Mac
02/12/2013 10:54pm

Just bought game. great work n cant wait for future updates. great buy.

02/12/2013 10:55pm



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