Firstly, thanks to everyone who has made a comment about Odyssey 3011 - whether on this website, facebook or whatever. Everyone has been really positive and appreciative (and sometimes forgiving) and I am sincerely thankful - to extent that I've started on new features for update 2

The list of possible features is significant and many people have suggested one thing or another - all of the suggestions have inspired me to some extent, so if you have a suggestion...please let me know.

No promises yet over the delivery date....

Have fun!
01/29/2013 10:26am

Love the game but found it a little short. Once I had maxed out the ship and collected all of the Alien Artifacts there wasn't much to do that I could find. Maybe I'm missing something but I'm onto galaxy 3 now and not much seems to have changed if anything. I had hoped that once I travelled to galaxy 2 I would have to find more artifacts and could upgrade my ship some more. Still the game represents excellent quality and value as it is so please don't take these comments as criticism.

01/29/2013 10:30am

Forgot to mention this. When I first hit T-Jump in a system it starts to deplete my Energy/Hull Integrity. I have to deactivate it and then restart it to counter the effect. Don't know if this is an intended effect or a glitch. I find myself constantly switching it on and off to compensate.


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